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How to Prepare for Live Streaming Interviews

Are you excited about a job that seems within your grasp?  Are you nervous about posing for video or pictures?  With the advances in social media and digital technologies, many employers want to interview you in a live streaming format, such as Skype, Facetime, etc.

There are a few things to consider that can give you the best experience and land the job you want.

1.) Think of your interview as an audition- you want to look and sound your best. Dress like you would when you are going meet with your most important customer- it is tempting because you are at home to take a leisurely approach to your appearance but think of the focus. Make sure your hair is neat, any facial hair is trimmed, make up is professional, etc. In a video interview all your potential employer sees is you- there will not be any diversions of attention due to sounds, smells or environment- speaking of environment…

2.) Make sure you stage and set up your environment. If the video has a beer sign or anything visible behind you, it will serve as a distraction. Set up your video in a room without anything on the wall behind you to distract. Find a room with a door to guarantee privacy and free from external noise or distracting variables.

3.) Lighting- bright fluorescent lighting can provide a very unflattering presence. Make sure that the lighting allows to interviewer to see you well, but in lighting that highlights your warm persona.

4.) Use notes and materials- set up any notes that may assist you clearly visible off camera- Some may consider this cheating, but if a question crops up about something that tests your memory you will not regret having the notes- make sure they are not visible to the interviewer and just use large notes that are to help guide you- you do not want to make it obvious that you are reading. Keep your resume and other supporting documents readily available off-camera to help outline the progress of the conversation.

5.) Staging- to add a definitive flair, props may help offset your presentation. If you have won an award or have a chart detailing your sales performance and it is set up so you can clearly and easily display it in the interview process, go for it.

6.) Practice.. Once you set up your environment, have a friend or family member call you and ask you a number of challenging questions to test the set up. Have them try to surprise you, so you can practice being calm and giving well-thought-out responses.

7.) Watch the recording with a few people and take their constructive critique as a tool to advance your opportunity.


It may seem like an in-person interview is the most difficult event in the pursuance of your dream job. But a case can be made that a streaming video interview is even more difficult. Be sure and prepare for it.

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