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JobsKenosha.com exists to connect local job seekers to local employers  primarily in Kenosha County. Imagine a 5 minute commute to work versus an hour (or more) drive…every day! Local employers are eager to hire local talent, and that’s why we’re here to help in their search.

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Jobs in Kenosha – Imagine a 5 minute commute instead of your hour long drive. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Local Jobs

For job seekers and professionals looking for the next step in their career, JobsKenosha.com makes it easy to browse and search for the job that fits your criteria. Search for jobs by keyword, category, and/or distance. Applying to jobs with JobsKenosha.com couldn’t be any easier! Simply provide your contact information, upload a resume, and submit your application directly to the employer.

Local Candidates | Resumes

JobsKenosha.com allows job seekers to create and publish their resume profile to our resume database. Resumes can be viewed by registered employers. Your resume profile includes your skill-set and expertise, education, experience, location, profile image, and a resume attachment.

For the employer, browsing local candidates can be a great way to scout out potential talent. Search and filter through resumes based on keywords and location!

Local Employers

Posting a job on JobsKenosha.com is quick and easy. In less than 2 minutes, you can create a listing that specifies your job openings title, location, and description. You can also specify industry categories and tags to allow job seekers to more easily filter listings that best match their criteria. JobsKenosha.com allows the employer to set company information that lets job seekers know a little bit more about the organization as well